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An Overview of the Rainy Season in Cozumel

By Tom Seest

When Is the Cozumel Rainy Season?

If you are thinking of going on vacation to Cozumel, you probably want to know when the rainy season will be. The rainy season in Cozumel is a bit different than rainy season in most Caribbean islands. Normally, the island gets a break in July and August. However, in the fall, rainfall reaches as much as eleven inches in October, which is one of the heaviest rainfall averages in the region. In September, the rainfall averages significantly less, at seven inches. However, if you are planning to visit in September or October, you might be better off checking a weather forecast for the shorter term.

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Are July and August Rainy in Cozumel?

The rainy season in Cozumel is July and August. The average rainfall is around eleven inches per month. Although the island doesn’t get hurricanes every year, the heaviest rains occur during this time. Generally, you should expect temperatures around 28 degrees Celsius or 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm tropical currents blow in from the southern and southeast Atlantic Ocean.
The wet season in Cozumel lasts from May through November, and September and October have the highest average rainfalls.

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Is November Rainy Season in Cozumel?

The rainiest season in Cozumel usually occurs in October. The average high temperature in October is around eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit and the average low temperature is seventy-two degrees. There are some exceptions to this rule, but it is usually safe to plan a vacation during this time of year. There are many activities to enjoy during the wet season, including boating, swimming, snorkeling, and even surfing.
It is important to keep in mind that Cozumel does experience rainy weather, but it won’t last the entire vacation. Usually, it rains for a few hours here and there, but it’s rare to see rain several days in a row. Because the island experiences high humidity, it may be difficult to keep warm, especially during the hottest months. So, make sure to pack a lightweight raincoat and shoes that can get wet without being slippery.

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Is December Rainy Season in Cozumel?

If you want to spend your vacation on the beach, you’ll want to avoid the rainy season, which occurs from June to November. Even though the island has a temperate climate all year long, the rainy season can bring down temperatures. However, most of the rainfall does not last very long and will only last for one or two days. Also, this is hurricane season, so you’ll want to make sure to buy travel insurance before leaving for your vacation.
January is the coldest month of the year in Cozumel, with daytime temperatures averaging 84 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime temperatures of 67 degrees Fahrenheit. During this time, rainfall is low, with only 107mm of rain falling over nine days. On average, you can expect 6.7 hours of sunshine each day.

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Is January Rainy Season in Cozumel?

While most of the year is dry on Cozumel, the rainy season can still be unpleasant during this time. Temperatures range from 75 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, and there’s an average of eight to nine days of rain per month. January is also the busiest month on the island, with a large number of tourists from the USA, Canada, and Europe visiting. Because of this, January may not be the best time to visit. Fortunately, February marks the end of the high season and the temperatures stabilize. However, the rainfall is reduced by two to three days, making for a more pleasant and comfortable visit.
In general, Cozumel’s climate is tropical. It has a rainy season from May to November and a cooler dry season from December to April. While the months of February and March experience fewer rain days than January, the island still experiences rain, wind, and cloudiness. While it’s warm during the winter, temperatures can drop as low as ten degrees during the night.

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Is February Rainy Season in Cozumel?

If you’re planning a vacation to Cozumel, you’ll need to know when the rainy season will occur. In general, the rainy season in Cozumel runs from May to November. However, a lot of the rainy days won’t last very long. Most rain will fall during the afternoon, making for a pleasant environment for outdoor activities. The rainiest month in Cozumel is October, which is also in hurricane season, but there have been few direct hits on the island.  April is a popular month for tourists because temperatures are still pleasant, but crowds are smaller. In addition, April and May are spring break months. The temperature will begin to rise and crowds will start to grow. However, April and May are still great months to visit Cozumel, especially if you like water activities!

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Is March Rainy Season in Cozumel?

If you’re planning a trip to Cozumel, you’ll want to choose a time when it won’t be too hot or too cold. You’ll want to avoid July and August, which are the most humid months. You’ll also want to plan your vacation in the spring when the temperature in the water is warm and the chance of rain is slim. Plus, small groups on Cozumel tours mean that the crowds are kept to a minimum. Plus, if you want to get away from the crowds, you can take a trip to the inland side of the island or to the “wild” part of the island.
The best time to visit Cozumel is between March and May when the daytime temperatures are mild and there’s little chance of rain. The sea temperature is a comfortable 79-82 degrees, with a humidity level of 78-80%. March is also the least busy month, and prices are lower than during other months. During the low season, which begins in May, the weather in Cozumel begins to cool down, and there are fewer tourists.

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Is April Rainy Season in Cozumel?

The rainy season in Cozumel doesn’t start until May. April and May are perfect for water activities and are ideal for spring breakers and partygoers. This is also the time of year when hotels and beaches are less crowded, and airfare is cheaper. The water is also warmer during this time of year, ranging from 80 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit/27 degrees Celsius.

On average, there are only four days of rain each in March and April. The daily high and low temperatures rise about two degrees each day. . The average rainfall in April is around two inches. In addition, the island is prone to occasional thunderstorms, which last approximately an hour. However, the rainy season in Cozumel coincides with hurricane season, so it is important to monitor the weather forecast and monitor hurricane warnings in order to avoid any possible problems.

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Is May Rainy Season in Cozumel?

The rainy season in Cozumel begins in June and peaks in October. The average rainfall in Cozumel in May is three to four inches. While the rain is beginning to increase during the month, the average temperature remains comfortable throughout. Highs during this month reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit and lows dip to 73 degrees. You’ll find that this season is the ideal time to visit Cozumel for its abundant water activities.
The dry season is usually December through April. Rain falls less frequently in these months, and the weather is generally cooler and the island less crowded. September and October are the wettest months in Cozumel, with rain falling for a few hours each day.

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Is June Rainy Season in Cozumel?

The rainy season in Cozumel lasts from May to November, with the lowest number of visitors during the months of September and October. During this time, the island is more humid, and the possibility of rain increases. However, the rains are usually brief, lasting only a few hours. Despite this, the islands remain comfortable for outdoor activities. Because of this, tourists should pack lightweight raincoats and rain-resistant shoes, especially for walking on wet surfaces.
The rainy season in Cozumel begins in May and hits the island with full force in June. In June, the island experiences nearly eight inches of rain, which is higher than the one to two inches of rain experienced in April and March. Visitors should plan their trip around this time if they want to experience sunny weather and fewer rainy days.

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