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An Overview Of Things to Do In Cozumel on Your Own From the Cruise Ports

By Tom Seest

What Are Things to Do In Cozumel on Your Own From the Cruise Ports?

Cozumel is one of the world’s premier cruise ship destinations, boasting beautiful island surroundings that provide plenty of activities and attractions for individual exploration.
One way of exploring Cozumel on your own from your cruise ship is with a private buggy tour of the island. This tour takes you past all of its most notable historical sites as well as snorkeling opportunities and even offers lunch as part of its service!

Can You Go Snorkeling In Cozumel on Your Own From the Cruise Ports?

Snorkeling in Cozumel is an enjoyable way to appreciate its vibrant coral reefs and marine life, which form part of its ecosystem. Snorkeling is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.
Snorkeling on Cozumel offers visitors plenty of great opportunities, whether through cruise packages or by exploring on their own during their vacation. Discover some of them now by reading on!
Fury Catamarans offers a five-hour tour that lets you experience the Caribbean waters while snorkeling. This tour stops at some of the most popular sites so that you can explore coral reefs and colorful fish while floating comfortably on the water. Their crew will also provide drinks, snacks, and snorkeling equipment so you can fully relax and enjoy your experience!

Can You Visit the Sunken Shipwreck In Cozumel on Your Own From the Cruise Ports?

Closely exploring a sunken ship is an unforgettable experience. You get to witness its decayed metal, hear the waves as it sinks, and even spot marine life within the wreck itself.
Are You A Scuba Diver Or Snorkeler? From Cozumel Cruise Port, You can experience sunken shipwrecks for yourself! There are various varieties worldwide, and several in Cozumel can be visited directly.
The C-53 Felipe Xicotencatl was built for the US Navy during World War II and sunk off Cozumel in June 2000. This minesweeper was widely publicized.

Can You Do a Scavenger Hunt In Cozumel on Your Own From the Cruise Ports?

Scavenger Hunts in Cozumel are an enjoyable way to explore this Caribbean city, whether you live here or are simply passing through. Organize your own or join one of the popular tours available here.
No matter the type of scavenger hunt you plan, it is vitally important to organize its route beforehand. This will enable participants to quickly locate all of the hidden objects on their list.
Scavenger hunts can be hosted anywhere – from your backyard to an entire state park! They provide endless hours of entertainment, particularly for young ones who enjoy searching out random objects and solving puzzles.

Can You Take a Historic Trolley Tour In Cozumel on Your Own From the Cruise Ports?

One of the best ways to experience Cozumel is on a Historic Trolley Tour. These excursions allow travelers to see all the highlights of downtown Cozumel while having ample free time for strolling and shopping in its main square.
Once you meet up with your guide at an easily accessible location, hop onto a classic trolley bus for an in-depth sightseeing tour of San Miguel de Cozumel’s highlights and sights. Take photos with colorful Cozumel signs or giant Mexican flags before getting back on board your trolley bus and heading back along San Miguel Bay.
Traveling on public transportation is an ideal solution for travelers with mobility limitations and short timeframes, while its versatility also makes it suitable for families traveling with children.

Can You Take a Day Trip to Playa Del Carmen In Cozumel on Your Own From the Cruise Ports?

Playa Del Carmen is a stunning town along the Riviera Maya with gorgeous white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, world-class amenities, vibrant nightlife, and nearby Mayan cultural centers.
Experience this lively resort town through a day trip! Choose from various tours that take you out to all of its popular sights – many offer snorkeling or boat rides as part of their itinerary!
One of the most beloved day trips from Playa Del Carmen is Cozumel. Just a short ferry ride away, Cozumel is a tropical paradise offering world-class diving and snorkeling opportunities.
Playa del Carmen offers another top-rated day trip: Chichen Itza is a UNESCO-listed ruined Mayan city that attracts over one million visitors per year! This archaeological site in Mexico draws massive numbers of tourists who come for this annual pilgrimage!

Can You Take a Tour Of the Chocolate Workshop In Cozumel on Your Own From the Cruise Ports?

Cozumel offers plenty of activities within walking distance from its cruise port, from beach activities to cultural experiences – there’s something here for everyone!
As an exciting way of exploring the history of chocolate plants, taking a tour of the Mayan Cacao Company can be an engaging way of becoming acquainted with them. Here, you’ll learn about its discovery as well as ancient Mayan techniques of production.
Take part in a chocolate workshop! Here, you’ll receive all the traditional tools and ingredients to transform cacao beans into delectable chocolate bars!
Cozumel offers many delicious food and beverage offerings, from restaurants to cafes and bars – remember not to overindulge in alcohol as it can quickly add up! Just don’t get carried away when imbibing; spending too much can quickly become an issue!

Can You Take on a Day Trip to the Mayan Ruins In Cozumel on Your Own From the Cruise Ports?

No matter your interest or time available, taking a Day Trip to the Mayan Ruins in Cozumel is one of the top activities. Visit San Gervasio, El Cedral, and many more sites before or after.
Experience the history and culture of the Mayans while admiring the exquisite landscape they crafted over 1,000 years ago – they were an ancient civilization that created some incredible ruins that still stand today!
Tour San Gervasio and El Cedral with us or independently! The tour will bring you through all of its ruins while teaching about its history.

Can You Take a Tour Of Cozumel’s Town Square In Cozumel on Your Own From the Cruise Ports?

One of the best ways to see Cozumel if you don’t wish to join a tour group is on your own, by exploring at your own time and pace, with access to certain spots as often as you wish.
Experience Cozumel like never before by embarking on an unforgettable Tour of its Town Square! Available both on land and water, this tour takes visitors through all the top sights in San Miguel de Cozumel and Downtown Cozumel.
Apart from shopping, Cozumel also offers numerous attractions like Benito Juarez Park. Here you’ll find monuments commemorating local heroes of Cozumel history as well as replica Mayan ruins well worth your while – it makes for an interesting visit.

Can You Visit the Mega Supermarket In Cozumel on Your Own From the Cruise Ports?

If you prefer shopping independently from your cruise port, Cozumel’s Mega Supermarket provides all of your needs – snacks, beverages, souvenirs – in one convenient store.
It’s open from 8 am until 10 pm daily and is located near the cruise ship pier in downtown San Miguel. Additionally, this shopping center includes a pharmacy and food court featuring many eateries.
There’s also Los Cinco Soles Market which features authentic Mayan crafts and souvenirs; free to visit; it makes for a wonderful way to commemorate your trip!
As well as fresh fruit from Cozumel itself, tourists will also discover an exciting array of fresh produce here! It’s an exciting new addition to shopping on Cozumel, and tourists should definitely stop by after touring Mayan ruins!

Mega Shopping Center in Cozumel

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