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A Detailed Review Of The Fine Offerings At Dick’s Dive In Cozumel, Mexico

By Tom Seest

Is Dick’s Dive Located In Cozumel Mexico?

Many of us remember the poor family of Jed Clampett, who was a poor mountaineer who barely kept his family fed. This story of the Beverly Hillbillies was passed down from generation to generation because it was a story of emotion, of contrasts between the poor living richly and the rich living poorly.
For those that remember this fine tale, you’ll likely also remember the song that generations sang to remember and commemorate this almost religious experience and following of the Clampett Family:

Come and listen to my story
‘Bout a man named Jed
A poor mountaineer,
Barely kept his family fed.
And then one day
He was shootin’ at some food,
And up through the ground came a-bubblin’ crude.

Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.

Well the first thing you know
Ol’ Jed’s a millionaire,
Kinfolk said “Jed move away from there”.
Said “California’s the place you outta be”.
So they loaded up the truck
And they moved to Beverly.

Hills that is, Swimming pools, movie stars.

Well now it’s time to say
Goodby to Jed and all his kin,
They would like to thank
You folks for kindly droppin’ in.
You’re all invited back again to this locality
To have a heapin’ helpin’ of their hospitality.

Hillbilly that is, sit a spell, take your shoes off.

Y’all come back now, y’hear?

Now, I’m not a poor man or a rich man, but I have accumulated great wealth in all the things that matter. And, I’m here to tell you a tale about Dick’s Dive, located not far from the fine sea in that fair city of San Miguel in Cozumel, Mexico.

My only regret was that I never met the Clampett family, who hailed from a mountain and could barely stay fed, for they could have easily stayed fed at Dick’s Dive.

How Far Is Dick’s Dive From the Cruise Ship Terminals In Cozumel?

Many of you will begin your pilgrimage to Dick’s Dive from a cruise ship, and we want to tell you how far it is.

Many of you will want to make this pilgrimage from the Ferry Terminal as you have crossed the great waters of Playa De Carmen. Many take this journey to have this memorable experience with their families as they relax at the resorts across that fair sea. The Ferry Terminal is a mere 0.1 Miles or 0.16 Kilometer walk from Dick’s Dive. Even though I am a large man with a great heart, but failing at the moment, I can make the walk from the Ferry Terminal as there are many places to rest and visit along the way.

How far is Dick’s Dive from the Puerta Maya Terminal, where most Carnival Ships dock? It is a 4.2-mile walk along the ocean or 6.9 kilometers. For those of you that make that can’t make that walk, cabs are easy to get, and the cab rides each way are part of the experience.

How far is Dick’s Dive from the Punta Langosta Terminal, where lines like NCL, MSC, and Disney often dock? It is a 0.87-mile walk or 1.4 Kilometers.

Whether you arrive by sea, by horse, by bicycle, by scooter, by cab, or by motorcycle, a stop at Dick’s Dive for drinks, food, and entertainment will make your trip more memorable.

If you decide to walk to get your 10,000 steps in a day, the sidewalks are nice and wide, but be sure to watch the height of the steps as you go up and down the curbs. We love the hospitals here because they are well-staffed, but we’d prefer you enjoy your time at Dick’s Dive without some new injury.

Is Dick’s Dive the Best Place for Dinner In Cozumel?

The word “best” is such a hard place to define because “best” places emphasis on your own personal values. Some value experiences and memories over things like fine tablecloths and expensive meals. Some value a more local experience over something else. So, you’ll have to decide on your own.

For me, and my family, we’ve been eating at Dick’s Dive whenever we visit since it opened in 2017. And we remember the place.

We value memories, great experiences, a well-rounded menu that fits a nice budget, and the ability to people-watch. Personally, I also like to soak up the WiFi and get caught up in that world that Dick’s Dive makes me temporarily forget.

Does Dick’s Dive Offer Dishes That Accomidate Diets In Cozumel?

I’m a rather large fellow, but I don’t eat as much as many assume. Most people would classify my diet as a Keto or Ketogenic Diet. Some would classify it as a Carnivore diet because I tend to avoid the vegetables I despised in the days of my youth. Many of the people that observe my eating patterns would classify me as a Low Carb or Low Carbohydrate dieter. In any case, Dick’s Dive has so many options that you won’t have difficulty choosing.
I’m also well acquainted with people that eat a Mediterranean Diet, a Plant-Based Diet, a Vegan Diet, A Vegetarian Diet, or one of the many variations of each. If you live any of these lifestyles, you’ll find something on the menus which will be displayed and updated on the Dick’s Dive website or contained in this humble story about this wonderful place.

Does Dick’s Dive Offer a Menu for Those Who Are Fasting In Cozumel?

As someone that has experimented with fasting in its many forms, from Dry Fasting, Water Fasting, Fat Fasting, etc., I can tell you that fasting at Dick’s Dive can be a challenge.

Fortunately, Dick’s Dive offers a fine selection of the waters like Seltzer, Topo Chico, and many of your favorites. They also offer fine coffee, but you can also sneak right next door to COZ Coffee Roasting Company and experience some of the best blends offered by the local baristas here in Cozumel. We often begin our journey there for some of the finely roasted beans and then wonder next door for a great meal at Dick’s Dive.

If you don’t break your fast at Dick’s Dive, we certainly understand. Some people only eat at specific times, etc., because they practice Time Restricted Eating. In any case, you’ll love the atmosphere at Dick’s Dive with the music, and the passers-by, while you’re friends and family are eating their fill.

If you find yourself fasting, it’s a great time to load up on the Dick’s Dive merch which will help you remember your experience. You can even request that they print an “I ate nothing while my friends ate everything in site at Dick’s Dive t-shirt.

In any case, we honor and respect your dedication to your lifestyle choices, and they do as well at Dick’s Dive.

Does Dick’s Dive Offer Food Service to People with Food Allergies Or Sensitivities In Cozumel?

One thing we treasure when we travel is the local restaurants and bars, like Dick’s Dive, that have taken the time to educate themselves about allergies and sensitivities like Gluten, Sea Food, Hard Shell, etc.
The Dick’s Dive kitchen staff has extensive experience with this because they see so many international travelers. They also seem to have fantastic translation skills, so just make sure to outline your food preparation requests clearly. They are experts at preparing food in separate spaces, when possible, and will tell you if they can not accommodate your unique needs.
It’s always nice treat to travel and be able to enjoy great food and treats without having to worry about using an Epipen, taking allergy meds, or taking a trip to the nearby Costamed Hospital.
Dick's Dive - Pasta, Fajitas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads, Add Ons

Does Dick’s Dive Have Sugar-Free Options In Cozumel?

I’ve been avoiding sweets, except for My Sweets, for well over 15 years now, so I understand your concerns. My wife is the only thing sweet in my life unless I order some sugar-free treats from time to time.
I’m not a big drinker, but I do drink big, and I love the selection of sugar-free drinks at Dick’s Dive. Their drink cooler has a fine selection of favorites like just plain old bottled water, Topo Chico, and various forms of diet or sugar-free colas and drinks.
My medication wouldn’t allow me to consume the finest of adult beverages, but the Dick’s Dive bar offers an extensive menu, and I’m confident you’ll find something that will meet your choice and tastes.

Does Dick’s Dive Offer Any Entertainment In Cozumel?

The music in the background at Dick’s Dive that plays is pop music, and it’s a good mix. It’s easy to hear over the fans that keep you cool as you eat your food and drink your beverages of choice. They also play Live Music every evening and are located a short walk from the waterfront.
If you need to connect to WiFi or the internet and catch up at the office or work remotely, internet access is provided for customers, and the speeds are respectable if you need to use VPN or upload files.
You can also take a break and people watch and shop at the local shops. While the local vendors can be considered aggressive, they are also friendly because so many rely on word-of-mouth business.

Is the Staff Friendly At Dick’s Dive In Cozumel?

For all local businesses, staffing can make such a remarkable difference in the enjoyment and the experience. And Dick’s Dive is no exception.
For the introvert that just wants to enjoy a drink, some nice background music, and read a nice book, Dick’s Dive is the place.
For the person that wants to meet newfound friends or amigos and create memories, Dick’s Dive is the place.
For the groups that are on the island, and want to meet at the day’s end and relive the day’s experiences, Dick’s Dive is the place.
And if you need a hug because you’re alone and need a friend, ask for Diego. He’s a hugger and will make you feel quite welcome. He’s the young gentleman in red in the photo below.

Is Dick’s Dive a Romantic Place In Cozumel?

I have to remember that I started this tale about a man named Jed. Who live on a mountain and struggles to keep his family fed.
I have to wonder how Clampett’s life would have been different if Jed had found his way to Cozumel instead of Beverly Hills.
They were from a different era and a different time, and you can read about them here:
Would Jethro have met some local lady and taught her how to cook the finer southern cooking? They would have likely had a happier relationship if they had spent their nights out at Dick’s Dive.
Would Elly May have caught the eye of some local man? Would they have spent their nights dining at Dick’s Dive and dancing the night away to the live entertainment? Would they have created memories there?
Would Granny and Jed look on with unapproving eyes but with open hearts? I don’t know, but I’d like to think so.
I feel sorry that they never experienced what I experienced at Dick’s Dive, for I have created memories and learned so much observing the locals there since the year 2017.

Should You Go to Dick’s Dive In Cozumel?

Simply put, yes, you should. The Clampett family didn’t have the opportunities to travel that you do and never made it past Beverly Hills.
Check out the Dick’s Dive website, and learn the latest events and specials. Their menu is updated frequently.
Stop in, create memories, and keep your family fed.

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