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An Overview Of the Best Public Beaches In Cozumel Mexico

By Tom Seest

What Are the Best Public Beaches In Cozumel Mexico?

If you’re searching for an economical beach in Cozumel, make sure you consider beaches on its eastern shore.
These beaches provide a more rustic, unspoiled, and local-friendly experience with powder-soft sand and breathtaking scenery.

Is Playa Mia Grand Beach Park a Good Public Beach In Cozumel?

Playa Mia Grand Beach Park stands out as an unforgettable attraction on Cozumel, offering visitors an unforgettable Caribbean welcome and top-of-the-line facilities. Here, visitors will find everything needed for fun and relaxation on the beach: an all-you-can-eat buffet, sparkling swimming pool, range of watersport activities as well as an all-you-can-drink open bar!
A beachfront park offering stunning ocean views and various water activities, such as a floating obstacle course, a children’s area with slides and splash pads for kids, and a beachfront spa are just a few ways to spend a wonderful day relaxing in the sun and admiring ocean beauty.
While at the park, take advantage of its all-inclusive package to fully experience all it has to offer at an extremely reasonable cost – this includes access to everything in the park as well as food and beverages at its restaurant and the option of adding on a domestic open bar.
As well as purchasing a full-day pass, which will give you plenty of time to explore and experience all 20 free attractions available (water slides, kids areas, hydromassage tub, hydromassage spa tub). Should you wish to expand on what the park already provides, optional excursions such as jet ski tours and parasailing tours are also available for an additional cost.
Water parks are an amazing way to connect with friends and family; this water park will certainly prove popular! Boasting pools, floating obstacle courses, water slides, and pirate ships, everyone will surely love spending the day here!
There’s an array of watersports on offer as well, such as kayaking and paddle boats; snorkeling gear can also be rented so that visitors can explore the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Rent a cabana or lounge chair to take in the sights while sipping on cold beverages – the choice is yours!
Playa Mia offers much more than its water park, in addition to an on-site beachfront spa and many activities for visitors of all ages. Play a friendly volleyball or basketball match or schedule a cooking class; the possibilities are endless at Playa Mia!

Is Paradise Beach a Good Public Beach In Cozumel?

Paradise Beach is a favorite among tourists, cruisers, and locals looking for an enjoyable beach day trip. Offering wave runners, banana boat rides, beach massage services, and much more, Paradise Beach boasts an extensive facility.
Paradise Beach offers an onsite restaurant, which is popular with both residents and travelers. They offer an array of drinks as well as food selections to satisfy every palate.
Entry costs $3 and guests may use chairs, umbrellas, and beach amenities without incurring an extra $18 fee per person. The resort does offer upgrades such as kayaks and paddle boards.
Paradise Beach is still worth visiting without spending extra money, with its stunning white sand and crystal blue water, palm tree-shaded beach area, and plenty of restaurants located right along its shores.
This beach is an excellent option for families, offering children’s areas for them to play in the sand and swim in the water. Plus, its staff are extremely welcoming!
Rent snorkel gear or purchase a snorkeling tour from this resort – both are conveniently close to where Royal Caribbean cruise ships dock, making access easy.
A fun pass can be purchased for $18 and provides access to a water park offering various activities and entertainment features like an Iceberg that climbs 14 feet, a rock-it water rocker, and other cool features.
Though it’s an expensive option, Cozumel waterpark tours provide a fun and safe way to experience its waterparks and beach activities. Plus, should your experience not meet expectations, your money can be returned – completely risk-free.
Travel is straightforward, and reservations can be easily made; tickets can be bought either through the resort’s website or directly. Cancellations up to 24 hours prior to departure will receive full reimbursement.
Paradise Beach on Cozumel Island is one of the premier public beaches, making an appearance on many tourism and cruiser itinerary itineraries. As this spot attracts both visitors and cruisers, booking early can guarantee you an ideal spot.

Is Playa Punta Morena a Good Public Beach In Cozumel?

Playa Punta Morena is one of the most beloved public beaches on Cozumel. Offering wide stretches of sand ideal for sunbathing and beach games alike, as well as many amenities such as a beach club with refreshments and extra chairs as well as a small pool, this beach offers something special.
Enjoy an incredible trip to Cozumel with family and friends for a fantastic time, filled with breathtaking azure waters, white-sand shorelines, Hobie cat sailing, kayaking, paddle boating, water trampoline jumping, and swimming activities on-site, and Hobie cat sailing available as part of a package deal! It makes an excellent option for any vacation to Cozumel.
Playa Bonita on Cozumel’s eastern side offers tranquil waters that make swimming and snorkeling popular, yet are conveniently close to shops, resorts, and restaurants.
Isla de Pasion is another fantastic day trip option from Cozumel that’s well known for its white sand beaches, giant iguanas, and lively marine life. A popular day trip for travelers who seek a relaxing escape.
Isla de Pasion offers much more than white sand beaches: its natural landmarks include a lighthouse and coral formations. Furthermore, its clear waters host many exotic fish species as well as stingrays. This idyllic destination makes an excellent snorkeling destination.
Access Isla de Pasion by taking one of the many ferry companies from Playa del Carmen or San Miguel port. Travel takes approximately 45 minutes and costs 250 pesos (12 USD).
Even though this small beach doesn’t offer many activities, it is still an ideal spot for relaxation and taking in the soothing sea breeze. A handful of shops can be found here for snacks and refreshments.
Coral reefs make the waters of Belize an excellent location for snorkeling, with plenty of starfish and tropical marine life found here. Additionally, many tours provide this activity. This makes this location an excellent vacation choice.
Punta Morena offers many amazing amenities that you can take advantage of by renting a condo, villa, or house through Vrbo’s vacation rentals service. Prices begin from just $64 per night with luxurious features as expected for an opulent vacation rental stay.

Is Playa Bonita a Good Public Beach In Cozumel?

Playa Bonita Beach offers tranquil, serene surroundings with white sand and clear blue water – the ideal setting for spending your day lounging under the sun with a good book and refreshing beverage in hand!
Punta Morena Beach on Cozumel’s east coast is another favorite, boasting long stretches of sand that provide ample opportunities for swimming in warm, clear waters while taking in spectacular coral reef views.
This beach offers some intriguing Mayan ruins on its nearby peninsula that could make for an interesting stop before or after you visit the beach itself. If time allows, visiting these may well make your experience all the more worthwhile!
Cozumel Island boasts some beautiful east-side beaches worth visiting, such as Dzul Ha and Playa Chen Rio on its east side, which feature more secluded shorelines with non-white sand but still offers striking landscapes.
Cozumel boasts several stunning beaches, but one that stands out is El Mosquito, near its main city. Not too far away are several wonderful restaurants, and this secluded shore offers amazing ocean views.
This beach may not be very large, but the waves are very calm, making it an excellent spot for swimming and snorkeling. Additionally, its fine sand and warm waters make for excellent swimming and snorkeling conditions while its lush trees provide shade for bathers and swimmers alike.
If you want an unforgettable experience, take the ferry over to Isla Pasion (Passion Island). This tiny island part of Cozumel features breathtaking white sand beaches and crystal-clear water – the perfect combination!
There are also a variety of restaurants and bars on the island for you to visit during your stay, making this an excellent place for romantic dates!
Cozumel offers some of the finest public beaches for an unforgettable beach holiday, offering soft sand, sparkling blue waters, and friendly locals that you will meet as you soak up some sun.

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