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An Overview Of Cozumel Cruise Port Shopping

By Tom Seest

Is There Cozumel Cruise Port Shopping?

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No matter your shopping needs in Cozumel – souvenirs to remember your journey or gifts for loved ones back home, there’s sure to be something that suits all budgets here.
Cruise ships dock at one of Cozumel’s three piers terminals: International Pier, Puerta Maya, or Punta Langosta.

Is There Cozumel Cruise Port Shopping?

Is Royal Village Shopping Center At a Cruise Port In Cozumel?

Shopping is one of the main draws to Cozumel, Mexico. No matter if it’s for someone back home or just something fun and new for yourself – Cozumel boasts numerous unique shops to meet any and all your shopping needs!
Royal Village Shopping Center is an ideal stop when visiting a cruise port and in need of essential items. Situated nearby the international pier, it features both big-name brands as well as local artisans selling handcrafted products.
At Royal Village, you’ll find clothing and accessories, electronics and tech gadgets, jewelry, and home decor items – not to mention cafes offering delicious coffee drinks! If you love coffee, you will certainly enjoy browsing Royal Village.
Downtown San Miguel de Cozumel offers something extra special. Here, visitors will find shops such as Deja Vu Leather and Jewelry, offering handmade leather purses, wallets, and sandals with traditional Mayan designs based on Mayan designs.
Plaza Confetti, an entertaining street market located at the center of Cozumel’s downtown district, offers another excellent shopping opportunity. Here, bargaining can take place, and local items like sustainably sourced coral are prized in the Caribbean due to their impeccable condition and vibrant hue.
Or you can shop duty-free goods at Punta Langosta Port, where most cruise ships dock. Walking can easily lead you into downtown Cozumel; alternatively, consider taking a Cozumel taxi into town instead if time is of the essence.
Cozumel offers several other opportunities for shopping. Head to downtown San Miguel to try your luck at finding something truly unique, or head back into the Royal Village Shopping Center to bargain for something original.
The East side of the island provides another excellent shopping opportunity, featuring numerous remote beaches to discover and great beach bars with great ocean views and cold drinks to sip while taking in its stunning turquoise ocean vistas. There are even places where you can rent hammocks to take full advantage of its magnificent climate!
Is Royal Village Shopping Center At a Cruise Port In Cozumel?

Is Downtown San Miguel De Cozumel At a Cruise Port In Cozumel?

Downtown San Miguel de Cozumel’s main town square – commonly referred to as “Zocalo” – features many stalls, artist kiosks, and shops where you can find everything from traditional handwoven hammocks and delicately painted ornaments and figurines, embroidered textiles to fine jewelry.
San Miguel’s Mercado Municipal Market is another great spot for souvenir shopping. Open to the public and featuring clothing, shoes and household goods stalls as well as small shops selling locally made jewelry or branded merchandise – it makes an ideal place for souvenir hunting in San Miguel!
Negotiations are part of the shopping experience in Mexico, and you should not feel threatened by it. Many stall owners expect you to bargain, making this part of shopping in Mexico an integral part of its appeal.
There are countless shops worth exploring in downtown San Miguel, such as Gallery Azul Glass Art Studio on 15th Avenue (between 8th and 10th Streets North). Browse their collection of handmade glassworks that evoke Cozumel’s turquoise waters.
The Museo de Cozumel in San Miguel offers visitors an insightful glimpse into the history and diving culture of Cozumel Island. Recently renovated and featuring 11 exhibits, this museum should not be missed by both tourists and locals.
Submarine tours of Cozumel provide another exciting way to discover its underwater world, taking you 100 feet below the surface and providing stunning views of marine life that lives beneath the Caribbean Sea.
And finally, you can taste some of the amazing tequila made on the island at one of the many bars and restaurants in downtown San Miguel. This is an excellent way to sample different types of tequila before selecting one for your home bar!
Punta Langosta Cruise Pier features several stores selling high-end brands like Nike, Mont Blanc, and Lacoste – not to mention sweeping views of the ocean while shopping for souvenirs!
Is Downtown San Miguel De Cozumel At a Cruise Port In Cozumel?

Is The Rug Emporium At a Cruise Port In Cozumel?

The Rug Emporium is an outstanding destination for acquiring quality oriental rugs and decor pieces at competitive prices. Their inventory is impressive, and the staff speak English well enough to assist customers. Plus, their website makes placing orders incredibly simple; plus, they even provide free stateside shipping!
The great thing about this shop is that it’s open seven days a week – an invaluable perk if you’ve ever experienced subpar customer service onboard a cruise ship! Their staff will work diligently to make sure your order reaches you on schedule.
Home tech gadgets can also be found here, such as the latest computer displays that allow users to browse photos, listen to music library files, view music playlists, and much more. Plus, they have a video games room as well as an indoor pool, so those who prefer outdoor adventures like beach trips and hot tub soaks won’t feel left out!
Finally, this store offers one of the finest selections of rugs in Cozumel. Choose from traditional Persian to handmade oriental carpets, plus quirky items to catch your eye!
When searching for furniture, it is wise to ensure you find something suitable to meet your needs and avoid spending unnecessary space and money on unnecessary pieces. San Juan Capistrano home furnishings stores and custom furniture manufacturers can assist in this endeavor and help you realize your decor goals.
Is The Rug Emporium At a Cruise Port In Cozumel?

Is Diamonds International At a Cruise Port In Cozumel?

Diamonds International (DI), one of the Caribbean’s premier tax and duty-free retailers, is an iconic destination for cruise ship passengers seeking quality diamonds, gemstones, and watches. Serving millions annually through an unparalleled collection of certified loose diamonds, rare gems, designer jewelry, and timepiece brands from DI.
DI provides more than luxury jewelry; its product offerings also include watches, gifts, and accessories from top brands like Caran d’Ache, Skagen, and Harley Davidson. Their knowledgeable staff can assist with finding the perfect present for any special event or celebration.
One of the key steps when purchasing jewelry at Diamonds International is reading their return policy before signing any purchase contracts. Under their agreement, refunds can only be granted for merchandise appraised independently as having a lower value within 30 days after purchasing it.
Kathy’s experience highlights how difficult it can be for a consumer to obtain a refund or credit from an international merchant who will likely be located thousands of miles away when returning the item in question. When she contacted DI to express her displeasure with the jewelry purchased from them, Kathy was told the only way she could obtain any reimbursement would be for an independent jeweler to appraise her piece first and provide their appraisal report back.
Kathy stated that she went through this procedure multiple times with DI before receiving a refund. Finally, she decided to bring the diamond in for appraisal by an independent jeweler, who appraised it at much greater than DI originally charged her for it.
Kathy wondered whether she would be eligible for a refund on the original Crown of Light; unfortunately, however, this type of return usually is not possible.
However, she discovered she could still receive a refund for other jewelry she purchased at DI; in fact, they issued her with a $9,500 credit that can be applied towards future purchases at Diamonds International.
Diamonds International offers high-end jewelry shopping on vacation, but it is essential that you conduct proper research prior to making any purchases. Read up on online reviews of the store in question to gain an idea of their customer service experience, and take time for this step before making your final purchase decision. Doing your research beforehand can pay dividends later when it comes time to purchase!
Is Diamonds International At a Cruise Port In Cozumel?

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