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An Overview Of How Nachi Cocom Compares to Paradise Beach In Cozumel

By Tom Seest

How Does Nachi Cocom Compare to Paradise Beach In Cozumel?

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On Cozumel, there is always much debate regarding which beach club to visit, Nachi Cocom vs. Paradise Beach being no different.
Paradise Beach is the more well-known of the two, offering a large heated pool, plenty of ocean toys and activities, and a relaxing beachfront restaurant, unlike Mr. Sanchos, which provides many child-specific features at no additional charge.

How Does Nachi Cocom Compare to Paradise Beach In Cozumel?

How Does The Location Compare Between Nachi Comom and Paradise Beach?

If you are planning a cruise to Cozumel and looking forward to spending a day at the beach, your options include Mr. Sanchos as well as more upscale venues such as Nachi Cocom Beach Club & Water Sports Center.
Both beach clubs are situated within the southern hotel zone on stunning white sand beaches and feature various amenities for guests, such as swimming pools, jacuzzis, internet connection loungers, changing rooms, and lockers.
Both locations boast beautiful, inviting waters that make for excellent snorkeling spots. If you feel up for it, why not give it a try yourself?
Paradise Beach offers an impressive and larger swimming pool, complete with loungers and even a swim-up bar. However, Paradise Beach’s Aqua Park stands out amongst all others by featuring unique attractions like Climbing Icebergs and rocks, Four Water Trampolines, a Pyramid Slide, and Water Totters for guests’ amusement.
Although not completely free, this visit is worth your while. In addition to offering water park fun, this location also boasts one of the shortest entry fees for day passes – at only $3! Enjoy drinks and food choices galore here.
Families with kids might find this to be the ideal attraction, though other attractions might be closer in price. Although adult tickets cost slightly more, they include much more stuff.
To have an unforgettable vacation experience, bringing enough towels is essential. While they’re not included with admission tickets, renting them can be done for an affordable rate. In addition, cameras, sunscreen, and insect repellent will all help enhance your trip’s experience.
How Does The Location Compare Between Nachi Comom and Paradise Beach?

How Do The Amenities Compare Between Nachi Comom and Paradise Beach?

Both beach clubs provide plenty of amenities. Some extras may be free, while some require an additional fee.
Mr. Sanchos offers an Aqua Park that features many additional activities for an additional cost, including climbing Icebergs and rocks, Four Water Trampolines, a Pyramid Slide, Water Totters, a Moonwalk with Bouncers, and a Rock Slide.
Water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, glass bottom boat rides, and scuba diving are also offered – these might make your visit all the more worthwhile without children present!
At both beach clubs, the food is exceptional and included in your day rate. They serve an array of Mexican and American classics without charging extra for beverages served by staff members.
Nachi Cocom may be the ideal place for a quiet and serene beach club atmosphere; its smaller capacity than other Cozumel beach clubs makes for more peaceful moments of enjoyment with your friends or family.
What really sets it apart from other beach clubs on the island is that it provides a private area specifically tailored for families with young children. This allows parents without worries about other people taking away their kids to spend an enjoyable day.
Although not a large beach, this pool features numerous lounge chairs and tables as well as a bar where drinks may be ordered if needed.
Cozumel’s southern hotel zone lies at km 16.5; from here, it takes only 30 minutes from a cruise ship docking to reach.
Although Mr. Sanchos offers more amenities than Mr. Awfuls does, Mr. Awfuls still provides guided snorkeling excursions for $38 per adult and also provides photo packages, beach massages, and hair braiding services at additional costs – which make for an enjoyable and relaxing Cozumel day trip experience.
How Does The Amenities Compare Between Nachi Comom and Paradise Beach?

How Does The Food Compare Between Nachi Comom and Paradise Beach?

Foodies will find Nachi Comom an absolute treat! Offering delicious Mexican fare as well as some American classics, their buffet is included with your day pass fee – making this an excellent way to discover Cozumel’s cuisine!
Check out Mr. Sanchos as well, offering an outstanding selection of beer and wine as well as cocktails at their on-site bar – plus enjoy some of the best food around!
As an avid cruise fanatic, I’m always on the lookout for ways to maximize my dollar when in port. Luckily, there are several all-inclusive beach resorts that allow visitors to see all that paradise offers without breaking the bank – you are sure to find one that meets both your taste and budget. Do your research beforehand, as having an understanding of what awaits you will lead to a much smoother trip experience; having a backup plan should things not go according to plan is key to having a truly memorable holiday experience.
How Does The Food Compare Between Nachi Comom and Paradise Beach?

How Does The Price Compare Between Nachi Comom and Paradise Beach?

Are you looking for an enjoyable beach day without breaking the bank? Mr Sanchos and Paradise Beach both provide all-inclusive day passes that provide unlimited food and drinks as well as access to their pools and beaches.
Mr. Sanchos offers an all-inclusive option at the more expensive Nachi Cocom resort; however, traveling in larger groups could save money! Furthermore, their risk-free cancellation policy gives peace of mind should weather or other circumstances require you to cut short your visit early.
Your vacation will also feature the option of selecting your own lounger, perfect if traveling with young children. In addition, renting snorkel gear at an additional cost and hiring a guide could prove useful as you explore the water.
Paradise Beach and Mr. Sanchos offer similar amenities, such as swim-up bars and lockers; however, there are some key distinctions between them. Paradise Beach boasts a larger pool as well as more water toys than Mr. Sanchos.
At both resorts, entertainment offerings range from live music and video games to virtual pet rocks – perfect if traveling with children! However, neither offers specific child features such as playgrounds for them to use (such as sock puppets or playgrounds). But don’t let that deter you – both offer stunning beaches and outstanding service – you won’t regret choosing either of them for your day in Cozumel!
How Does The Price Compare Between Nachi Comom and Paradise Beach?

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