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An Overview Of Driving to Cozumel

By Tom Seest

Can You Drive to Cozumel?

At TopCozumelNews, we help people traveling to Cozumel plan their trips and activities using information collected on trips to the beautiful island.

Cozumel Island, off of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, has quickly become one of the top tourist destinations, known for its excellent diving, friendly people, and safe streets.
From Playa del Carmen, there is a ferry that makes travel simple and seamless. Running nearly hourly, its ride is quick, cheap, and smooth.

Can You Drive to Cozumel?

Can You Take a Taxi In Cozumel?

Cozumel is a favorite travel destination among many visitors, known for its stunning beaches and incredible scuba diving spots. Additionally, its robust tourism industry has helped create a safe and friendly place for visitors.
But if your accommodation does not provide a free shuttle service between the port and accommodation, then taxis will become indispensable!
Cozumel makes taxi services convenient and accessible, with prices clearly marked throughout the city. You can hail one in the street or call to schedule one via phone.
Rates are set and regulated by local unions, so you can trust that the fare will not go beyond your expectations. Plus, many drivers provide rate cards so you can verify your fare before entering their vehicle.
Near the ferry terminal and major hotels, you will find several taxi stands with rate cards and queues of passengers waiting to use one of them.
When traveling with children, always check the child rate; typically, this will be equivalent to adult pricing; children under one year will usually not incur additional charges.
Cozumel taxi services provide an ideal way to explore its attractions without having to worry about parking or driving yourself. With experienced drivers at your side, touring can start as low as $60!
Taxis offer great convenience when traveling to hotels or resorts, making life simpler when trying not to become lost. Their drivers usually know the area well, so they can offer guidance by pointing out interesting landmarks you might otherwise miss. In addition, they’ll assist with luggage assistance as well as suggest some great places for food.
Can You Take a Taxi In Cozumel?

Can You Rent a Car In Cozumel?

Renting a car in Cozumel can be an ideal way to explore this Caribbean island, whether as part of a cruise or for leisurely exploration during your stay. Renting one is far easier than navigating bus systems or taxi services and also allows access to areas not easily reachable via other forms of transport.
Cozumel is generally safe and accessible by car. Most roads are generally in good condition; however, you should remain mindful about leaving valuables in your car and lock all doors to protect against theft.
Be mindful when filling up with petrol at full-service gas stations where an attendant fills your tank for you, as scams involving additional charges could easily occur. Make a firm no and request they refund any excess charges immediately.
If you enjoy exploring remote beaches and hard-to-reach corners, renting a Jeep while visiting Cozumel may be ideal. There are a few roads leading out into the outer edges of the island, which allow safe off-road adventures; renting one would make this journey all the easier!
Cozumel International Airport provides multiple rental car companies located outside the Arrivals Terminal. Prices will depend on where and when you rent, so it’s advisable to research online prior to leaving home and compare pricing between options before leaving home. If unsure, local service providers can often be found for assistance as well.
Can You Rent a Car In Cozumel?

Can You Ride a Motorcycle In Cozumel?

Motorcycles often evoke images of fast travel. Yet, while these motorcycles may appear dangerous to ride, they require certain levels of experience and knowledge of the road to operate safely.
If you are new to riding bikes or have been away for some time, hiring a guide might be useful before setting off alone. Many tour companies provide guides at a modest fee to ensure the most out of your trip experience.
No matter your desired mode of travel – speed or relaxation – motorcycles offer an ideal means of exploring Cozumel. From witnessing its sights to basking in its sunshine, riding one is sure to give an exciting and fun adventure experience!
Tours can also be an ideal solution for group travelers or families traveling together, providing group rates if booked early and accommodating various schedules and preferences.
Cozumel can also be explored via bus or minibus tours/rides; these offer an economical means of exploring the island and are much less costly than individual cab rides.
Some tour operators provide tours with tour guides so you can maximize the enjoyment of your Cozumel vacation. Some of these excursions include snorkeling or visiting the Punta Sur ecological reserve – so take full advantage of your time here!
If you’re seeking something a bit more exciting, take a jeep tour. These tours are popular on Cozumel and offer the opportunity to see the island while experiencing local culture first hand.
Can You Ride a Motorcycle In Cozumel?

Can You Ride a Bus In Cozumel?

If you are staying in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, the bus is usually the cheapest and most efficient way to travel to Cozumel. Daily departures take place, and prices vary according to time of day and service type.
Ferries are another convenient and cost-effective means of reaching Cozumel. Two major ferry operator companies – Ultramar and Winjet – operate from these ports, offering comfortable boats that depart on regular schedules.
This route offers an idyllic ocean ride and allows for stunning views of Cozumel’s surrounding islands and coral reefs. There’s also the added opportunity for snorkeling and swimming among some of the shallow reefs along this journey.
Punta Sur, one of the island’s largest nature preserves, offers ample opportunities to spot wild crocodiles, explore a historic lighthouse, and experience breathtaking views across the island.
Option 2 is to experience Cozumel via a scenic tour with a private driver, taking you through some of its top sites and attractions while giving you flexibility in terms of planning your itinerary.
This service is ideal for travelers short on time who would rather skip long taxi lines or rent their car directly. Your driver will meet you at the airport and then drive directly to either Zone Norte, Zone Centro, or Cozumel Marina hotels for you.
An increasingly popular way of exploring Cozumel is renting a car from the airport; typically, this option is less costly than driving your own car, though you may incur an extra insurance cost. When choosing this option, be sure to conduct adequate research, so you get an ideal vehicle.
Can You Ride a Bus In Cozumel?

Can You Take Tours In Cozumel?

Cozumel is one of the Caribbean’s most beloved islands, welcoming hundreds of cruise liners every week. To enjoy it more fully and intimately, take a tour with a local guide who can give you firsthand knowledge about this vibrant paradise.
Cozumel tours provide experiences you won’t find elsewhere – from exploring the Mayan ruins of San Gervasio to snorkeling with dolphins or taking part in marine park adventures, you won’t be left wanting for something exciting and thrilling! You won’t be let down!
Another possibility is taking an ATV or 4WD tour through the jungle and along the east side of the island with stops at popular beaches like Punta Sur or Mezacalitos – these trips are very affordable yet give an authentic sense of what life on this beautiful island is all about!
Beyond tours, there are also activities and attractions ideal for all members of the family – cultural tours such as food tasting to learn more about how Mayan and Spanish cultures influence each other on the island are especially exciting!
Touring Cozumel with a local guide is an incredible opportunity to discover its many hidden gems! These tours allow visitors to witness its historic past as well as modern-day buzz.
Experience something truly rewarding on Cozumel by going on a chocolate tour, where you’ll learn to make this delicious delicacy that is beloved throughout its streets! This unforgettable tour will leave you proudly bearing witness to an authentic Mayan recipe’s delicious fruits being brought into the world through this tasty confection!
Punta Sur Eco-Park is an expansive nature preserve covering Cozumel’s entire southern tip. A veritable playground for anyone interested in natural habitats, this park boasts some stunning beaches and incredible mangrove marshlands that make this park truly remarkable.
Can You Take Tours In Cozumel?

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