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An Overview Of Grocery Stores on Cozumel

By Tom Seest

Are There Grocery Stores In Cozumel?

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If you’re visiting Cozumel for only a short time and just need essentials, the grocery stores in town are great places to stock up on essentials, with everything from fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, and home products to dishware, pottery, clothing, and shoes available here.
At Los Cinco Soles (an enormous store nearby), you will also find an impressive assortment of crafts items, jewelry, and souvenirs at reasonable prices.

Are There Grocery Stores In Cozumel?

Is There a Walmart Store on Cozumel?

Walmart is one of the Riviera Maya’s premier grocery stores, boasting multiple convenient locations that make shopping for vacation needs simpler. Their selection includes groceries, household products, electronics, and clothing.
The store has an expansive selection of items and specializes in carrying more well-known American name brands than other Cozumel stores, though international ones tend to have fewer choices available.
At this store you will find an assortment of groceries such as fresh produce, dairy products, breads, and staples, as well as toiletries, snacks, and pet foods.
Walmart offers many specialty food items exclusive to them, such as chocolate, cookies, and cheeses. Furthermore, they carry an impressive variety of meats and seafood for you to purchase as well.
As well as stocking up on travel essentials, Walmart also provides online grocery delivery to your vacation rental! Just visit their website and place your order; payment can even be made in U.S. dollars, though the exchange rate might be steep at times.
Oasis of Comfort can provide travelers with an easier, time- and effort-saving travel option, but it is important to remember that they do not operate daily and plan your trips during the week instead of on Sundays as lines may be long.
One major downside of Walmart shopping in Mexico is their restrictive alcohol sales policies, typically restricting them from certain times and days throughout the week and on Sundays from 9 AM-5 PM.
Walmart also accepts major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express to help pay for purchases.
Walmart stands out as an economical grocery shopping option in Cozumel, offering convenient location and selection. This is especially relevant if staying in a budget vacation rental.
Is There a Walmart Store on Cozumel?

Is There a Bodega Aurrera Store on Cozumel?

Bodega Aurrera is a discount store operated by Walmart de Mexico that sells groceries and general merchandise at extremely competitive prices. Their selection ranges from food to apparel and housewares.
This is an ideal option if you’re on a tight budget and prefer not to eat out or shop in tourist malls. Here, you’ll find essentials like milk, bread, cereal, and pasta – plus they sell frozen foods, drinks, and air purifiers!
Bodega Aurrera stores are plentiful on Cozumel and offer an excellent selection of foods ranging from bagged chips and beverages, fresh produce, cheese, and meats.
At this store, you will also find an assortment of household goods – soap, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies, among them – plus toys for children!
Cozumel Market offers affordable groceries at its fair-priced market, where fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices can be found alongside souvenirs and gifts of every sort.
Adolfo Rosado Salas Market, just steps from the waterfront, features an assortment of foods at reasonable prices; everything from breakfast pastries to jewelry can be found here!
The market is also an ideal spot to find souvenirs and gifts for friends and family back home. Gift shops feature jewelry, art, blown glass ornaments, Mexican pottery, and wooden ornaments, as well as one-of-a-kind artisan clothing pieces.
If you’re in search of something more luxurious, why not visit the nearby Mayan jewelry gallery? Here, you can find one-of-a-kind pieces as well as certified silver and tanzanite pieces.
Here, you’ll also find exquisite custom-made leather sandals, along with other unique items and custom jewelry creations by the owner if necessary.
Punta Langosta Pier’s store provides an assortment of spirits for purchase, as well as drinks and snacks to satisfy all of your beverage and snack needs.
Is There a Bodega Aurrera Store on Cozumel?

Is There a Mega Store on Cozumel?

Cozumel boasts numerous modern supermarkets that can meet all your grocery needs, ranging from produce departments to delis. Many even carry imported and organic goods that may be difficult to come across elsewhere in Mexico.
Additionally, some of these stores provide an array of clothing, housewares, hardware, souvenirs, and gifts – perfect for last-minute gift ideas!
Mega is one of Cozumel’s largest supermarkets, located south of downtown on Melgar Avenue and featuring air conditioning, shaded parking on lower levels, and English-speaking cashiers.
There’s an extensive selection of American brand name foods as well as meats, fruits, and vegetables at this store, plus they sell wine and liquor too!
Chedraui supermarket can be found a short walk from Mega on Avenida Rafael E. Melgar just south of Punta Langosta Pier. It features wine and foreign goods isles as well as several shops within its plaza.
Mega supermarket, conveniently located and air-conditioned, boasts a large produce and bakery section as well as an electronics section designed to meet all of your electronic needs.
At this location, you’ll also find an incredible wine and foreign goods aisle featuring many of the same brands found at an airport duty-free shop.
Featuring more than just grocery aisles, this modern store also features deli, bakery, and pharmacy departments, as well as an expansive produce department offering a fresh fish selection.
For those who appreciate great coffee, the cafe in front of the store provides an ideal space. Not only can they enjoy tasty beverages here, but it’s a wonderful spot for gathering with family or friends for breakfast!
There are also a number of high-end jewelry stores in the area. They feature an array of fine jewelry, such as diamonds, tanzanite, and emeralds.
Is There a Mega Store on Cozumel?

Is There a Chedraui Store on Cozumel?

Chedraui Grocery Store on Cozumel is one of its largest and most convenient grocery stores, boasting an extensive selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, dry goods, liquor/beer, soft drinks, meats & cheeses, bakery items as well as pharmacy goods, household necessities, and personal care items. Conveniently located at Rafael E. Melgar Street near Punta Langosta pier.
This store boasts shaded lower-level parking, ATMs, and English-speaking cashiers; in addition, there is also a movie theater and food court offering delicious Chinese, Mexican, and American fare.
Shops offer souvenirs such as Cozumel souvenirs, jewelry, and clothing to take back home with them. Open daily from 8 am until 5 pm, they accept both US currency as well as pesos.
They offer an impressive selection of alcohol, such as rums, tequilas, and spirits from around the world – many are imported and not inexpensive, yet certainly worth giving a try.
There is also a deli offering an excellent selection of wines from Spain, Chile, and Argentina, as well as fine foods, including imported cheeses and chocolate, as well as an impressive olive oil offering.
While visiting, be sure to try some delicious and reasonably-priced honey produced on the Yucatan Peninsula by producers such as Govinda, Elimiel, and Carlotta.
Rock ‘N Java has been serving delicious meals since 1995, offering delicious lattes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner service in its family-run restaurant setting.
It is a restaurant with a beautiful garden and excellent service! It is a favorite destination among both locals and tourists.
Chedraui stands out among Cozumel grocery stores as an exceptional value. Their prices are highly competitive, and they have an expansive selection of products. Furthermore, I appreciated that their staff was so friendly and knowledgeable – they helped me tremendously during my shopping trip!
Is There a Chedraui Store on Cozumel?

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